Ami Chouno


Kanji Name 蝶野 亜美
Romaji Name Chouno Ami
Gender Female
Status Alive
Tank Type 10
  • Captain Class
  • Tank Instructor at Ooarai Girl's Academy
School Nishizumi School of Tankery Arts (as a student), Ooarai Girl's Academy (as a teacher)
Seiyū Hekiru Shiina
Anime Debut Episode 2

Character OverviewEdit

She is the tank instructor for Ooarai Ooarai Girls Academy  She used to be the student of Shiho Nishizumi (Miho and Maho mother). 

She can be seen throughout the series with a Type 10 Main Battle Tank or on a watch tower observing the Ooarai team's battles.

She claims that she has a 120% accuracy when aiming for her targets.


Shiho Nishizumi - Her tank instructor when she was still a student. She respects her a lot.