Kanji Name ダージリン
Romaji Name Dajirin
Gender Female
Age 17-19
Status Alive
Tank Churchill VII
  • Overall Commander of St. Gloriana Girl's Academy
  • Team Commander
  • Team Radioman
  • Assam (Younger Sister)
  • Orange Pekoe (Youngest Sister)
School St. Gloriana Girl's Academy
Seiyū Eri Kitamura
Anime Debut Episode 3

Character OverviewEdit

A beautiful and attractive girl with blonde hair and azure eyes.

She is St. Gloriana's overall commander in charge of the Churchill tank. She is calm, chivalrous, and maintains her composure in and out of the field.

She loves idioms as she matches it up with everything that comes into her mind

She only gives tea to those she deemed worthy as their opponent.

She seem to have a good relationship with Katyusha.

She pays a visit to Katyusha to have a tea party with them before they went to their match with Ooarai wherein it disappoints Katyusha because they lose before the semi-finals.


She is seen most of the time drinking Darjeeling tea as her name itself derived from the tea.

Motto: "No matter how fast we go, or no matter how bumpy the road is, I won't spill my tea."

Hobby: Reading idioms and drinking tea


Favorite Flower: Blue Rose

Favorite Tank: Centurion


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