Emi Nakasuka

Emi nakasuka

Kanji Name 恵美中須賀
Romaji Name Nakasuka Emi
Gender Female
Age 10 (Little Army)
Status Alive
Job Team Driver
  • Emi-chan
  • Nakasuka-san
  • Mother
  • Older Sister
Manga Debut Chapter 1

Character OverviewEdit

A 10 yrs. old girl with bright red hair in ponytails. She's very cold and arrogant but in truth she's a warm girl who just hides her true self although she's really stuborn and a little bit selfish.

She is half German (father side), and half Japanese (mother side).

She got an older sister in the same age as Miho's older sister; Maho, who also joins the Summer Tankery Festival Championshop which is held at Japan where they placed 1st runner-up after being defeated by Maho's team.

She hates Maho Nishizumi because of the way on how she ordered to fire at her sister's flag tank during the competition even after her sister helped a team mate of Maho after it fell off a cliff even though it's already a given that Maho will win the match even without ordering such a thing because they still got 4 tanks with them while her sister's flag tank is the only one that remains.


Mrs. Nakasuka - Her mother. A total opposite of Emi in personality.

Miho Nishizumi - Her bestfriend and classmate.

Chihiro Yusa - Her friend and classmate.

Hitomi Yuzumoto - Her friend and classmate.


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