Episode 1 - "I'll Take Up Panzer Warfare!"Edit

The main protanist Miho Nishizumi begins her new life at her new school, quickly making friends with two of her classmates, Saori Takebe and Hana Isuzu after the latter invited her to eat with them during their lunch break. Just then, Miho is approached by the student council about forcing her to participate in Panzer Warfare, the art of operating tanks, which is something she tries to avoid doing.A school presentation of Panzer Warfare was made by the Student Council to attract potential participants and thus making both Saori and Hana take interest in taking it up because not only it does looks cool and fascinating but it also had benefits in them in gaining credit points, but Miho can't bring herself to join them, so they decide to go with whatever she decides. However, the student council objects to this and threatens to expel them if they object further. Realizing how much Saori and Hana are doing for her, Miho decides to take up Panzer Warfare alongside them. 

Episode 2 - "I'll Board the Panzer!"Edit

The student council tasks the students with finding the five tanks that were used the last time the school had Panzer Warfare. Miho, Saori and Hana is joined in their search by a tank fanatic named Yukari Akiyama and together they manage to find a Panzer 38(t). After all the tanks are found, Miho's group is assigned to a Panzer IV and are tasked with cleaning them up. Afterwards, Yukari takes the others to a military store before spending the evening at Miho's place. The next day, Miho encounters a gloomy girl named Mako Reizei on her way to school. The Panzer Warfare instructor Ami Chouno appears the next day, and suggests they start out with a full-on mock battle, with each team having to find out how to control their tank for themselves. As the match begins, as Miho's team tries to escape from two other teams targeting them, they find Mako right in their path. 

Episode 3 - "I'll Join the Fight!"Edit

Mako, who is revealed to be a childhood friend of Saori, joins the others on the tank, which soon comes across a perilous bridge which Hana has trouble navigating. After a hit from enemy fire knocks Hana unconscious, Mako takes over as driver and manages to safely navigate to the middle of the bridge. There, they manage to find perfect cover from enemy fire whilst Yukari takes out the enemy tanks, securing victory for Miho's team. Whilst celebrating their victory, the team decides that Miho should be the commander, with the roles of radio operator, gunner, driver and loader assigned to Saori, Hana, Mako and Yukari respectively, before going shopping for things to make the tank more comfortable. Later, the students are informed of an upcoming friendly battle against St. Gloria's Girls Academy, of which Miho is assigned as the commander for the school's team. The next morning, after the girls go to extreme measures to wake Mako up, the match soon begins. 

Episode 4 - "I'll Do My Best As Commander!"Edit

As the match against St. Gloria begins, Miho's team acts as a decoy to lure out St Gloria's team in order to lure them into an ambush. However this plan fails and the teams find themselves surrounded with heavy fire, knocking out two of the teams. Miho has the remaining teams lead the enemy into the downtown area, taking advantage of the city's layout to score some kills of their own, though the other teams eventually get knocked out. Only Miho's team remains, but thanks to a last minute assistance by the student council, manage to take out the other tanks, leaving only St Gloria's leader left. Miho's team faces St Gloria in a final showdown, though in the end, it is St Gloria who is left standing. After having to perform an embarrassing dance as a result of their loss, the girls encounter Hana's mother, who doesn't take the news of Hana doing Panzer Warfare instead of flower arrangement very well. With Hana unwilling to quit Panzer Warfare, her mother tells her not to see her again. As they return to the academy, Miho receives a parting gift from St. Gloria, commending her for being a worthy opponent. Ooarai Girls' Academy is soon entered into a national Panzer Warfare tournament, the first round being against Saunders University High School. 

Episode 5 - "An Experienced Sherman Army Corps!"Edit

Miho's uneasiness about the tournament is worsened after a run in with her sister, Maho. Noticing Miho's worry, Yukari decides to infiltrate Saunders University High School to gather intel on their opponents for Miho to use as reference. As the others visit her house, Yukari's parents thank them for becoming her friends, as she didn't have any due to her tank obsession. The match against Saunders soon begins and the Rabbit team is soon put under pressure by Saunders' numbers. As Miho manages to get them to safety, she discovers that Saunders is using a radio interceptor balloon to eavesdrop on their communications. With this knowledge in hand, Miho manages to use this to their advantage in order to lay a trap for Saunders, managing to take out one of their tanks. 

Episode 5.5 - "Let Me Introduce You!"Edit

An introductory episode about the previous encounters of Miho and her friends.

Episode 6 - "The First Round Reaches Its Climax!"Edit

As Miho once again uses the radio interceptor to lure the rest of Saunders away, the Duck Team manage to find Alisa's tank and lures it into an ambush by the other Ooarai tanks. After learning the truth about the radio interception, Saunders' commander Kay sends an equal number of tanks to pursue Ooarai as they chase after Alisa, taking out both the Rabbit and Duck teams. Despite the grim situation, Miho calms her nerves and urges her teammates not to give up. Climbing up to the top of the ridge, the Anglerfish Team manage to take out Alisa's tank before they are taken out themselves, winning the match. After Kay commends Miho on her victory and takes her leave, Mako receives a call that her grandmother has been taken into hospital. Hearing about this, Maho allows Mako and Saori to take her helicopter back to Ooarai to see her. 

Episode 7 - "Next up is Anzio!"Edit

The gang are relieved to find Mako's grandmother is fine, but a little bit loud. As they make their way back, Miho hears from Saori about how Mako's parents died when she was little, leaving only her grandmother to take care of her. As the girls meet up for lunch the next day, Yukari brings up a match Miho had previously lost as she had abandoned her tank to rescue her teammates when their tank fell into the sea. As Ooarai prepares for their next match against Anzio High School, Miho finds herself under a lot of pressure from queries from the other teams, but her friends help divide the load. Worried about how their current tanks will hold up against Anzio, the gang manage to find a Renault B1 Bis tank. Miho and the others soon end up having to search for Saori and the Rabbit Team, who got lost on the ship, eventually managing to find them and another tank. Despite their new tanks not being ready in time, Ooarai manage to beat Anzio and progress to the next round. 

Episode 8 "Against Pravda!"Edit

Ooarai will have a match against Pravda. Anzu nvited Miho to have hot pot party with the student council before the match claiming that they want to tell something to her but in the end they couldn't do it thus making them do anything to avoid the conversation going on further. In this episode, it is also shown that Miho will disinherit the Nishizumi name if she loses this match making further humiliation in their family's name. When the time comes for Ooarai and Pravda to have their match, the latter seems to have the upper hand in setting up a trap for Ooarai in which they fell onto it. Katyusha sends out two representatives to Ooarai when they took shelter in a abandoned church to avoid the assault of  Pravda to make an offer to them that they should surrender while kneeling and bowing in front of her to show everyone her superiority. Miho with losing hope in winning is thinking of accepting the offer but Momo strongly retaliates with her idea and revealing the truth about the closure of their school if they lose their match with Pravda which was strongly supported by Anzu.

Episode 9 "Driven into a Corner!"Edit

The student council of Ooarai explained the whole situation about the abolishment of their school if they didn't win the Sensha-Do Championship. After meeting, Miho organized two scouting teams for a recon mission. Team A consists of Yukari and Ceasar while Team B consist of Mako and Sono. While the sent scouting teams were doing their task. Katyusha was shown with Nonna having dinner then Katyusha went to take a nap after eating which Nonna declared that the real reason why they give 3 hours for Ooarai before they surrender was because Katyusha only wanted to have some rest. The scouting team returned and reported everything they sighted then Miho proceeds to making a plan. There is still an hour before the mentioned deadline and the rest of the students of Ooarai are feeling down and demoralize from the situation then Momo shouted Miho for not doing anything at a crucial time so Miho got an idea of dancing the Angler Fish Dance even though she hated it so much just for the rest of her schoolmates to get back on their knees. While doing the dance a messenger from Pravda came to discuss about their deal and Miho declared that they won't surrender and they'll fight until the bitter end. The match started and the turtle team was on a rampage attacking every tanks on sight successfully disabling 1 tank of Pravda then they were separated from the rest to deal with 4 tanks from Pravda, they were shut down but they managed to disable 2 tanks. The remaining tanks of Ooarai then seperates into 2 teams, one team consists of Angler and Hippo team which is in charge of hunting down the flag tank of Pravda, while the other team consists of the remaining tanks whose job is to be a bait so that the first team would have a time for hunting. The tank which Nonna is in control which is missing just returned after installing its canon and now they're back to action. In the chase of Pravda  for the flag tank of Ooarai 2 tanks were shut down while on the other side of the battle, the Angler and Hippo team just spotted the flag tank of Pravda and now they're on chase of it. Miho then ordered Yukari to leave the tank and to be a scout again so that they'll know the position of the flag tank.  On the same time when Nonna fired the canon Miho successfully lured the flag tank of Pravda then fired a shot at point blank range.

Episode 10 "Panzer Madness!"Edit

The conclusion of the match between Pravda and Ooarai wherein the latter emerges victorious in their match, although they just won by a pinch because of their flag tank was only hit at its wheels and was almost immobilized but its still able to move on contratry with Pravda's flag tank which took a direct hit in a point blank range. Both team ended the match with a sign of respect and Katyusha accepted it although at first she cannot believe it herself where she was conforted by Nonna. At the same time Miho's mother, Shiho commented that Ooarai only won their match with Pravda because of luck and the latters over-confidence which resulted in a miscalculation but Maho defended them telling her mother that they do have skill and Miho had an ability to adapt with different situations which comes in handy with all their match. Later after Ooarai's celebration they organize a plan which will be used against their match at the finals with Black Forest Peak as they are having a hard time looking for other tanks and a new set of armaments which can be installed with their current ones. They installed the 88mm cannon which they found earlier before their match with Pravda to the 38(t) of Turtle Team to make it more powerful. They found a new tank at their disposal, the Porshe Tiger which were assigned to the newly formed Team H (Lion Team), and new recruits were found before the match. Later on after their preparations, the girls do seperate activities; The Angler Team who visited the Flower Arrangement Exhibition of Hana then they went to Miho's apartment to have dinner, The Duck Team playing volleyball until night time, The Hippo Team eating ramen at a park, The Rabbit Team watching old war films at the house of one of them until night time, The Turtle Team eating at a Udon Store, The Goose Team organizing themselves, The Tapir Team feeling the sensation of their newly obtained tank, and The Lion Team who were still fixing the flaws of the Porshe Tiger. The next day at afternoon, the match for the championship have started.

Episode 10.5 "Let me introduce you 2!"Edit

An introductory episode about the previous encounters of Miho and her friends PART 2

Episode 11 "Fierce Battle!"Edit

Ooarai was chased by Black Peak Forest and they managed to escape both of Black Peak Forest's ambush and tailing by using a smokescreen to conceal their retreat and use it to conceal their way of pulling the Porshe Tiger up the hill wherein they take up defensive positions. A fierce battle begins, with Oarai managing to disable several of Black Peak Forest's tanks, thanks to the distraction created by the Turtle Team, Ooarai manages to retreat again while Black Peak Forest stops to regroup. However, in order to reach their destination, Ooarai has to cross a deep river. Unfortunately, Rabbit Team's M3 Lee stalls in the river. Faced with leaving Rabbit Team behind or risk having the enemy catch up to them, Miho is reminded of her previous finals match. However, the rest her crew encourages her to go and help the Rabbit Team, much to her relief. Miho takes a rope and leaps across several of Oaarai's tanks in order to reach Rabbit Team and tied the rope to the M3 Lee of the Rabbit Team so that the other tanks can tow the Rabbit Team out of the river. They then make their way to a nearby town, destroying a bridge when the Lion Team driver overdid its acceleration  forcing Black Peak Forest to take the long way around. Miho hopes to use the time to prepare and lure Black Peak Forest into an urban combat. However, they run into Black Peak Forest's trump card, the Panzer VIII Maus when they chased after a Panzer III A thinking that It's all alone doing its scouting duties. Impervious to Ooarai's weapons, the Maus easily knocks out Duck and Hippo Teams, leaving Miho to wonder how to fight it. Meanwhile, Black Peak Forest has regrouped and is quickly closing in on the town. 

Episode 12 "This Fight won't be Dismissed!"Edit

The Tapir Team and Hippo Team being take down while the remaining forces of Ooarai are facing off the Maus, Ooarai is panicking being out of options then  Saori just spoke out of the blue something about them climbing a mountain which she thinks their only hope which gives Miho an idea on how to deal with the Maus. She tells the Turtle Team and Rabbit Team to do an absurb task to bring down the Maus in which  actually works but the Hetzer taken down in the process. The main force of Black Peak Forest reaches the town then the plan of Miho then proceeds as planned.  Making the M3 Lee their scout to follow the JadgTiger and took it down when it fell at the terrain but with them taking a damage too which also disables them, The B1 being a bait to tease the other forces of Black Peak Forest while the Porshe Tiger blocking the way of the other forces of  Black Peak Forest when both of the PzIV S. and Tiger went inside an abandoned building. The flag tanks of both sides went on a duel while not too long when the B1 and Porshe Tiger went down then the remaining forces of Black Peak Forest forces their way in the building when suddenly Miho devises a plan with their final attack to take down the flag tank of Black Peak Forest.  Miho then emerges victorious in that duel and Oorai became the new champion. The Ooarai crew and their fans celebrate their victory, ending with a parade through the town.

OVA 01 "Water Wars!"Edit

A special episode which took place before their first match at the National Tankery Competition. The whole tankery club went to the beach because they will have a practice match before the competition but suddenly the student council president Anzu Kadotani declared that they should have fun (playing instead of practicing) before the fated day. Miho is the only one who didn't bring any swimsuit with her even though they went to the beach because she actually thought that they will have a practice match before the day of the competition and she told her friends that she don't have any with her and Yukari suggested that they should buy one at the shopping district, Anzu just overheard their conversation so she invited everyone that they should go on shopping to buy a swimsuit. Miho and her friends went to the shopping district to buy some swimsuits together with the rest of the tankery club wherein they are seperated by groups. Yukari suggested different types of swimsuits while giving a brief explanations for each, Hana tried different swimsuit which mostly shows off her back, Mako still keeps on pushing on using her school swimsuit, Saori being drawn out by the cuteness of the swimsuits and Miho just enjoys her time with them thus making her forgot to buy her own but Yukari saves her by telling that she already predicted that it might happen so she bought an extra with her revealing the vital statistics of Miho. At the end of the episode where the whole tankery club was all ready to have fun at the beach when suddenly a change of weather occured, a strong rainfall just appeared ruining their fun.

OVA 02 "Picnic Wars!"Edit

A special episode which took place after the event of the first OVA. The whole members of the tankery club (except for Teams E, F, and G because they are not part of the club yet) went on a picnic and everything goes on smoothly until the end when everyone thought that its nice to have a picnic in a camping site before a traning but they were dumbfounded once the student council revealed that they're actually at a training site.

OVA 03 "Shoolship Wars!"Edit

The third installment of the special chapter of the story. This episode is about Team A's chitchat about why does schools were built on a ship and then they start a journey expedition througout the ship of Ooarai and explored different areas of operation of the ship; Wherein they came along with different new knowledge about their school's history.

OVA 04 "Anglerfish Wars!"Edit

The fourth installment of the special chapter of the story. The whole tankery team of Oaarai Gakuen performs the Anglerfish Dance and nothing else.

OVA 05 "Snow Wars!"Edit

The fifth installment of the special chapter of the story. This episode covers the adventures of the recon/scouting team of Yukari and Erwin during the Ooarai vs. Pravda match. It is shown how well-prepared and how cunning Yukari can be. 

OVA 06 "Banquet Wars!"Edit

The sixth installment of the special chapter of the story. This episode takes part after the Sensha-do Championship. The whole Ooarai Sensha-do club celebrated it by having a party at their campus where the student council prepared a talent contest where every team must perform something outside their field. The first performers were the public morals committee also known as the Mallard team wherein they perform singing with some magic tricks; The second peformers were the automobile club member also known as the Leopon team wherein they perform some 'magic' where they will transfrom the Type-89 into something stronger which happens to be the Porshe Tiger but in reality they just covered it in printed box cut-outs; The third performers were the online players also known as the Anteater team where they performed nothing but spoutng random words from their mouth which results in the curtains being shut; The fourth were the freshman also known as the Rabbit team where they performed a sports fest theme show; The fifth were the volleyclub members also known as the Duck team where they performed an imitation guessing show wherein Hana Izuru managed to guess everyone which includes Darjeeling, Orange Pekoe, Kay, and Katyusha respectively except for herself; the sixthe performers were the historians also known as the Hippo team where they performed a LITTLE WOMEN theater with a little bit of history lessons which disqualifies them; the seventh performers were the Anglerfish team where they perform the Sentai Five action drama in which the student council takes part but Anzou didn't follow the script in the end when she got pissed; and lastly the student council performs a Swan Lake ballet show wherein Momo managed to turn 36 spins. As the talent contest ended, the 3 best performers are announced and the results were as follows, in 3rd place is the Rabbit team followed by the Anglerfish team being in second, and lastly the champion in this talent contest were the Turtle team.

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