Hana Isuzu


Kanji Name 五十鈴 華
Romaji Name Isuzu Hana
Gender Female
Age 17
Status Alive
Date of Birth December 22
Team Team A-Angler Team/Anko Team
  • PZKPFW IV (present before finals, Ooarai Girl's Academy)
  • PZKPFW IV Schmalturm(present during finals, Ooarai Girl's Academy)
Job Team Gunner
Class 2-A
  • Yuri Isuzu (mother)
  • Shinzaborou (family apprentice)
School Ooarai Girl's Academy
Seiyū Mami Ozaki
Anime Debut Episode 1

Character Overview

A beautiful girl with long black wavy hair who has a gentle and composed demeanour as she was always compared to a Yamato Nadeshiko who is out of the picture by Yukari. She comes from a family which traditionally practices the art of flower arrangement. She left the family to pursue tankery because she wants to be more than flower arranger while she is young. She also claims that she will do it so that she could be more vigorous in the future in which she can use it in flower arrangement.

She is the best friend of Saori Takebe.

She was originally their team's driver but after experiencing the thrilling ring of shots being fired, she becomes the gunner.


Shinzaborou - A good looking man with decent height and figure who serves the Isuzu househeld as an apprentice and personal assistant. He is kind of a crybaby type of person.

Yuri Isuzu- The mother of Hana who comes from a family that traditionally practices flower arrangement and the one who trains her since her childhood. She loves her daughter and cares for her so much that she is thinking of her well being to the point that she wants her daughter to surpass her in taking over their family.

She is against the idea of Hana in taking tankery bacause it is not lady-like as much as she also hates tankery the most, as it might ruin her sense of beauty thus forcing Hana to choose betweeen flower arrangement or tankery.

Saori Takebe - Hana's best friend, classmate, and teammate. They are always seen together wherever they go.

Miho Nishizumi - Hana's friend, classmate, and teammate. They seem to have a mother-child relationship. She's also one of the two classmates in her class that approaches and befriended Miho.

Mako Reizei - Hana's friend and teammate.

Yukari Akiyama - Hana's friend and teammate.


  • Favorite Flower: Wisteria
  • Favorite Tank: Carro Veloce CV-33
  • Hobby: Arranging flowers once a day


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