Hitomi Yuzumoto

Hitomi yuzumoto

Kanji Name ひとみ
Romaji Name Yuzumoto Hitomi
Gender Female
Age 10
Status Alive
Job Team Loader
Manga Debut Chapter 1

Character OverviewEdit

A short girl with long wavy orange hair.

She's an airhead and she never stays put with one interest and quickly gives up on it if she feels like she can't do any better.

When the group considers getting a team emblem, Hitomi enthusiastically volunteers, since she's good at making things, but her friends worry that she will get sidetracked. It ultimately turns out that Hitomi was secretly practicing and improving he resolve, wanting to break herself of her bad habit.

Hitomi continues practicing, and continues doing tankery after Miho's group goes their separate ways.


Chihiro Yusa - Her best friend,childhood friend, and classmate. Chihiro is sensitive to her feelings and takes it hard whenever someone badmouths her.

Miho Nishizumi - Her friend and classmate.

Emi Nakasuka - Her friend and classmate. Emi is somewhat hard on Hitomi, seeing her as the weak link of the group, but eventually realizes the effort that she has put into improving herself.


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