Kanji Name カチューシャ
Romaji Name Kachousha
Gender Female
Age 15
Status Alive
Tank T-34/85 Medium Tank
  • Overall Commander of Pravda High School
  • Team Commander
School Pravda High School
Seiyū Hisako Kanemoto
Anime Debut Episode 8

Character OverviewEdit

Katyusha is an extremely short girl with short blonde bob-cut hair and azure eyes.

An arrogant and spoiled girl with a serious Napoleon complex, Katyusha initially appears to act like a Soviet dictator. She sits atop the shoulders of her loyal Lieutenant, Nonna, who follows her orders without question. When she first encounters Oarai, she belittles them verbally and laughs in their faces, in particular thanking Miho for 'winning it for them last year.' (She is referring to the time that Miho abandoned the Kuromorimine flag tank to aid her team-mates as their own tank slipped into a river. Leaderless, the flag tank was shot, and Pravda was victorious, breaking Kuro's nine year victory streak.) However, it is later revealed that while she is extremely childish, rude and obsessed with dominance, she is a kind person inside, and happily admits defeat to Miho's superior tactical skill after their match.

She seems to have a good relationship with Darjeeling as the latter pays her a visit before their match with Ooarai. She took pity to Darjeeling that St. Gloriana loses before the semi-finals.

I episode 10, she pays a visit to Ooarai's rendevouz spot to have a talk with them before the finals. she immediately approaches Miho and asks her to fight a match worth watching. Like Darjeeling and Orange Pekoe, she can later be seen supporting Pravda during the match. She is the overall commander of Pravda.



Favorite Flower: Chamomile

Favorite Tank: KV-2 Heavy Tank

Her 'so-called daily routine: Stretching


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