Kanji Name ケイ
Romaji Name Kei
Gender Female
Status Alive
Tank M4A6 Sherman
  • Overall Commander of Saunder's University High School
  • Team Commander
School Saunders University High School
Seiyū Ayako Kawasumi
Anime Debut Episode 5

Character OverviewEdit

A blonde girl with a long wavy hair and blue green eyes.

She is friendly, outgoing, and nice; pretty much the same like Anzu Kadotani.  She recognizes Yukari Akiyama when she pays a visit to the student council of Ooarai before the match then approaches her to tell that they are always open-arms to accept her if she will have a change of heart.

She seems to be acquainted with Anzu as she greeted her calling her Anji instead of Anzu.

She is the overall commander of Saunders.

She sent Naomi and Alissa to offer an pre-match exchange to Ooarai Girl's Academy.



Favorite Flower:Lupin

Favorite Tank: M4 Sherman


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