Maho Nishizumi


Kanji Name 西住 まほ
Romaji Name Nishizumi Maho
Gender Female
Age 13 (Little Army) 17-19(Anime)
Status Alive
Tank Tiger I
  • Team Commander
  • Overall Commander of Black Forest Peak
  • Shiho Nishizumi (mother)
  • Miho Nishizumi (younger sister)
School Black Forest Peak
Seiyū Rie Tanaka
Manga Debut Chapter 4 (Little Army)
Anime Debut Episode 5

Character OverviewEdit

She looks like Miho overall except for their hair and eyes color. While Miho's is orange, her's are brown.

Miho's older sister and the overall commander of Black Forest Peak. Often cold and expressionless, as she takes tankery very seriously. She commands a Tiger I tank.

In spite of appearing cold and aloof, she cares for Miho. It is revealed in the Little Army manga that she acts the way she does in order to fulfill the expectations for the Nishizumi heir so that Miho can choose a way of doing Tankery that she wishes. After Miho demands an answer from their mother over whether Maho had to take a shot on the enemy flag tank as it tried to rescue one of her tanks, Maho apologizes for her behavior forcing Miho to take such a step, and encourages Miho to find her own way.

While Maho does not openly say much about Miho's decision to transfer schools, she insists that Miho is skilled when Shiho dismisses Miho's victory over Pravda as mere luck. When Miho defeats her, Maho congratulates her and says that her way of tankery was very much like her.


Shiho Nishizumi - Maho and Miho's mother. Maho strives to win her approval, and for the most part, cannot openly oppose Shiho. However, during the Pravda match, Maho asked Shiho to continue watching, and said Miho's victory was a result of her own skill, which could indicate that this is starting to change.

Miho Nishizumi - Her younger sibling. Miho once idolized Maho, but after learning of the true extent of the ruthlessness required by the Nishizumi style, Maho urged her to find her own way of tankery.

Kikuyo- A maid for the Nishizumi family. She holds a great deal of personal respect for Maho, telling Miho and her friends that Maho is burdened by her position as Nishizumi heir and begging them not to hate her for that. Maho asks Kikuyo to look after Miho while she is away.



Favorite Flower: Sakura

Favorite Tank: Panther Ausf. F


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