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Kanji Name 猫田
Romaji Name Nekota
Gender Female
Age 17
Status Alive
Team Team G-Anteater Team
Tank Type 3 Chi-Nu Medium Tank
  • Team Commander
  • Team Radioman
Class 2-C
Aliases Nekonyaa
School Ooarai Girl's Academy
Seiyū Ikumi Hayama
Anime Debut Episode 10

Character OverviewEdit

A girl with large flat chest and long straight golden hair. She often wears huge swirly glasses and cat ears to cover her face even though she's pretty.

She is a huge fan and player of the popular online game World of Tanks.

She is the one who pointed out the place where the Chi-Nu can be found.

She joined the Tankery club of Ooarai Gakuen when they are still preparing for the upcoming finals as she also happens to invite her friends to join her in applying.


Miho Nishizumi - Her classmate.

Saori Takebe - Her classmate.

Hana Isuzu - Her classmate.

Momogawa - One of her companions in the World of Tanks online game and knows her by the name of Nekonyaa.

Piotan - One of her companions in the World of Tanks online game and knows her by the name of Nekonyaa.



Favorite Flower: Rose

Favorite Tank: Leopard II


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