Kanji Name ノンナ
Romaji Name Nonna
Gender Female
Age 17
Status Alive
  • KV-2 (commander)
  • IS-2 (temporary replacement and serves as a gunner)
  • Team Commander (KV-2)
  • Team Gunner (IS-2)
  • Overall 2nd-in-command and Vice-commander of Pravda High School
School Pravda High School
Seiyū Sumire Uesaka
Anime Debut Episode 8

Character OverviewEdit

A tall and beautiful girl with long straight brown hair, azure eyes and alluring body. She has a calm and cold demeanor.

She is Katyusha's loyal and unflinching Lieutenant, and generally caters to Katyusha's every whim without question. Generally speaking, this involves feeding her, singing her to sleep and generally looking after her in a manner similar to how a loving parent might look after their child. This is obviously not blind loyalty, as we see time and again that despite her cold and generally silent character, Nonna is intelligent, aware and the only person who can get away with scolding Katyusha. Nona also has a habit of carrying Katyusha around on her shoulders so that Katyusha might be able to look down upon others. While at first glance, this might appear to be her acting upon Katyusha's orders, in the spinoff manga (Motto Love Love Sakusen Desu!) it is revealed that it was actually Nonna who started the practice, as she was tired of seeing Katyusha belittled for her diminutive stature. Nonna is Pravda's second in command overall, but it often appears that it is Katyusha that needs Nonna, rather than the other way around. The nature of the feelings that drive Nonna to follow Kat's orders so unflinchingly and happily can only be speculated upon.

Nonna is shown to be an excellent marksman during the match against Oarai. She acts as the gunner for Pravda's mighty IS-2 tank toward the end of the match, easily hitting Mallard team and Duck team from some considerable distance.


She likes to tease Katyusha a lot as she always interfere with Katyusha's conversation with others

She likes to sing as she usually starts the marching song of Pravda before a match.

Her 'so-called' daily routine: Katyusha's Diary


Favorite Flower: Sunflower

Favorite Tank: SU-100 Tank Destroyer


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