Saori Takebe


Kanji Name 武部 沙織
Romaji Name Takebe Saori
Gender Female
Age 17
Status Alive
Date of Birth June 22
Team Team A-Angler Team/Anko Team
  • PZKPFW IV (present before finals, Ooarai Girl's Academy)
  • PZKPFW IV Schmalturm(present during finals, Ooarai Girl's Academy)
Job Team Radioman
Class 2-A
School Ooarai Girl's Academy
Seiyū Ai Kayano
Anime Debut Episode 1

Character Overview

A cute and cheerful ginger-haired girl who is interested in seeking out good-looking men, but is often left disappointed. Usually admires gossips about romance as she had none. She used to think that she's very popular that she considers simple greetings from her male neighbors that they are hitting on her claiming that they had a crush on her. Miho stated that maybe the reason why her neighbors treat her that way was because she looks like someone who's outgoing and easy to approach that's why they want to befriend her.

She got a poor eyesight as she uses contact lenses at school as replacement for eyeglasses. She rarely uses her eye glasses as she claims that it lessens her charm. She's also good at cooking and household.

She started out as the team commander by winning in a draw but was overwhelmed during the first practice battle and was made the radioman due to her socialization skills.


Hana Isuzu - Saori's best friend, classmate, and teammate. They seem to get along pretty well.

Miho Nishizumi - Saori's friend, classmate, and teammate. She respects her by being calm and collected even in time of crisis. She calls her 'Miporin'.

Mako Reizei -  Saori's childhood friend and teammate. She cares for more deeply that she always remind her about her gradma and her studies.

Yukari Akiyama - Saoris' friend, and teammate.



  • Favorite Flower: Pink Roses
  • Favorite Tank: M26 Pershing
  • Favorite Subject: Home Economics
  • Hobby: Reading wedding magazines (from start to end.)

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