Midoriko Sono


Kanji Name 園 みどり子
Romaji Name Sono Midoriko
Gender Female
Age 17
Status Alive
Team Team F-Goose Team
Tank Renault B1 Bis Medium Tank
  • Public Morals Committee - Head
  • Team Commander
  • Team Radioman
  • Team Driver
  • Team Loader and Gunner for 47mm cannon
Class 2-C
Aliases Sodoko
School Ooarai Girl's Academy
Seiyū Shiori Izawa
Anime Debut Episode 2

Character OverviewEdit

A girl with short black hair.

Her real name is Midoriko Sono.

She is the head of Ooarai Gakuen's Hall Monitors. A well-disciplined and strict student body who takes her job very seriously even outside of campus but cares a lot for her friends and acquiantances.



Favorite Flower: Water Lily

Favorite Tank: Chieftain


Mako Reizei - Her classmate and friend. She always remind Mako about her tardiness in class that even though she's the best in their batch she might still fail if she won't change her attitude. She's very concern of her well-being and respects her despite of the fact that the latter always call her by the nickname of 'Sodoko' which pretty much annoys her.


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