Yuri Isuzu


Kanji Name 五十鈴 百合
Romaji Name Isuzu Yuri
Gender Female
Status Alive
Family Hana Isuzu (daughter)
Seiyū Masayo Kurata
Anime Debut Episode 4

Character OverviewEdit

The mother of Hana who comes from a family that traditionally practices flower arrangement and the one who trains her since her childhood. She loves her daughter and cares for her so much that she is thinking of her well being to the point that she wants her daughter to surpass her in taking over their family.

She is against the idea of Hana in taking tankery bacause it is not lady-like as much as she also hates tankery the most, as it might ruin her sense of beauty thus forcing Hana to choose betweeen flower arrangement or tankery.


Hana Isuzu - Her daughter. Telling her that she won't ever see her again if Hana refused to quit tankery.


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