Team E


Anime Debut Episode 2


Team E is composed of members of Ooarai Girl's Academy's  student council. It is also called Turtle Team. They use the Panzer 38(T). It's the lightest tank in the group weighing at 9.5 tons and the (T) in the name is for tschechisch (not tons) which is the German word Czech, meaning that it was built in Czechoslovakia. Team A found it in the woods thanks to Hana's keen sense of smell, detecting the odor of iron and oil. Later on the Panzer 38(T) was converted to a Hetzer.

The members of Team E/Turtle Team are:

Anzu Kadotani - Student Council President

Yuzuko Koyama - Student Council Vice President

Momo Kawashima - Student Council PR Manager

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